Sunday, July 29, 2012

They call her love love love love love, she is love...

I have the worst cramps ever. And I totally just typed out a super long post and then it got deleted. Woww. Ugh. I feel so sick. I guess I'll rant somemore. I hate how after you're with someone you know certain things about them. Certain things that you only notice when you're that close to them. Things they do absent mindedly... Things that most other people never even notice. It's those things that I hate remembering. But they're the things I constantly think of. Blah. Stop making me want you. It's not fair I just can't stop thinking about it. And I don't know why. Everything with him was so easy. So normal. Like I could fall asleep laying with him. I need someone crazy that can keep me entertained. But they need to be mine. And only mine. Someone that is interesting and funny and cute and sweet and crazy and fun and confident and slightly cocky. That would be perfect. Someone that can deal with me and all my moods would be nice too. And someone that can listen to me talk constantly. If you're wanting to kiss me you have to let me talk first. I just need someone I can tell everything too. If you're easy to talk to I automatically like you more. XOXO--hannah

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