Tuesday, July 24, 2012

She's a beautiful mess, the kind you love to love

But anyways. The ginger ended up being fine. And we're okay now and still talk and everything.So yeah. I still find the fact that I wasted almost 5 months on one guy. I never do that ever. And that is exactly why. I really don't get very attached to guys. I've gotten attached to 2. The ginger and my summer guy. But like.. I don't even miss the ginger... And just to get this out there, he's a cute ginger. Like every single other redheaded guy I know is insanely unattractive. But he's acrually cute. And he has a nice body. Just saying. But people like flock to him. It's actually really annoying. He was like never alone. And I mean yeah. I like being with people. But I just need aome alone time too. And since my parents currently have me on lockdown it looks like I'm going to have quite a bit of that. *sigh*. Maybe I'll just give up boys for awhile... Wait. I'm Hannah. What am I saying? I don't think I could give up boys... I just won't do anything stupid again. I'm not even sure how i feel about the guy that got me grounded. I mean.. I liked him I guess. But really he was just there and I needed someone. Ugh. That sounds terrible. Him and the ginger are friends so I figured I could make him jealous. Too bad that in the 5 days I have been grounded I've been doing some serious thinking (and reading, and writing, and netflix watching and puppy cuddling) (what a crazy summer right?) and decided I'm done with the ginger. He's not worth it. And not being able to talk to him actually isn't bugging me. At all. Which makes me wonder how much I really liked him in the first place.... Well. Time for another post since this one is getting long to... XOXO -Hannah

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  1. You've got some serious cajones. I would never have actually burned a dudes sweatshirt. Stay crazy!