Friday, December 09, 2011

All my life I've been good, but now........ I'm thinking What the Hell?

     Its Friday night & I'm being lame & staying home. Oh well. Didn't really feel like hanging out with anybody anyways.
     I got the worst prank call earlier today. Prank calls aren't even worth playing along too anymore.
     My mom wants a dog sooooo bad but my dad won't let her get one. It's the cutest little puppy ever! We want a small dog.
     My dad keeps getting mad at me because I'm always trying to do this whole argument thing with him everytime he says no to something and I want a fair and reasonable explanation. I'm practicing for my future as a criminal attorney. It drives him crazy. Not like we usually get along anyways. Maybe I've been watching to much Law & Order...
     We got our rooming assignments for the State competition today. Its me, my mom, my bestfriend, & this girl we both used to be close with, but my best friend got in a HUGE fight with. They're ok now, But definately not close. I hope this doesn't get awkward...

The Best Friday Nights<3
Going to the IU game with my best friend & then Denny's at 2 am
The Halloween dance & Haunted Houses
Going to the bestfriend's house & video chatting cute boys all night
Laying on couch watching Netflix, doing my nails, & texting(:
Our huge whole group sleepovers & "gossip circles" in 7th Grade<3
Going on a walk with my "brother" (bestfriend) & then hanging out with him & his brothers & friends

So I was thinking about it & I realized I actually really miss 7th grade... That was a fun year. Especially from December to early March... Then things got really dramatic. We used to always have huge sleepovers at this girl's (who I'm not even very close with now :( ) house that were the most fun ever! Her mom would always make us brownies & the best homemade chocolate chip pancakes, & we'd all sit on the couch & talk about everything, and dance and take pictures and just do the stupidest stuff. There were about 6 of us that would always go... I seriously miss that now...


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