Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You hate cuz Ima Rockstar(:

This is going to be one long week! & its only Tuesday :/ At least we have lunch next. I'm hungryy. We had a tournament yesterday. The other school brought their dance & cheer teams too. They don't like us so we don't like them. We danced to Rockstar which was pretty great.
     So this annoying girl at my school saw that I had a blog and decided to make one too, which I don't mind because a lot of people have a blog. Then she went and copied almost exactly off one of my lists which I find rather annoying. I mean yeah, copying is the best form of flattery...But really? Be original.
    I had the best time at lunch today... Ok, you know those people that are just really sweet? To the extent that even if they don't like somebody whatsoever they will still be really nice to them. Theres this guy like that and hes like my brother but he will not be mean to a girls face... Hes so adorable...
     The last post about Justin Russell being "hot" was written by him.... And "heartfelt" so it can't be deleted... He's Laaameeee.(:

We're on a lockdown so we have to stay after school untill it is lifted. In French class. Lovely....
We've done absolutely nothing all period. People are being annoying though.

Hannah Thinks
I wanna go home.
What goes around comes around.
Theres a reason nobody likes you.
Our school's lunches suck
Gym is not a professional sport. No need to get so agressive.

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