Wednesday, December 14, 2011

& if you feel that way, go ahead & kiss your baby

The last two days have been the longest days ever. I haven't been getting home from school until past 7:00 pm because of musical rehearsal, choir, and basketball tournaments. I'm seriously lacking sleep. :/
     Our choir concert last night was a disaster. This guy in our choir fainted and fell on the risers then another 4 feet to the floor and hit his face... His nose was bleeding and everyone was freaking out... Our director kept the concert going and everything after a short stop. It was rather dramatic, other people started getting dizzy and having to sit down, an ambulance came and got the guy... The guys okay though, thank god.
     We have ANOTHER tournament today. Their so longg. At least we have time to get ready for them unlike the regular basketball games...
     I have to take art next semester...I can't draw worth crap.
     You know what I think is funny? How people will just keep trying to text you or message you or call you and even though you don't answer they just keep doing it.... I mean if i don't answer the first 6 times why would I the 7th or the 8th or the 9th....

Annoying things
Guys that don't know how to dress.
P30pl3 th@t +@lk lik3 thi$,.!
Hashtags on facebook/google plus. #itsnottwitter.
Copy-catters :/.
People who do a bad job dying their hair.

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