Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Baby I can be your motivation (;

Sitting in science listening to Motivation. We have some weird schedule for another assembly. Probably another one about bullying. Do the people here realize that honestly nobody at our school is really bullied that badly...  Yet we still have to go to all these hour & a half assemblys... At least we get out of class.
     First musical rehearsal today. I'm hoping this year the musical is really good.
     I have to go to a game though. Last girls basketball game of the season, & then maybe a couple tournaments, but those are fun. & people are actually going to this game...
     So last night, I was texting this guy and fell asleep. He called me FOUR times to wake me up. I mean seriously how am I supposed to sleep with my phone going off like crazy :/
    I only have 4 more days of gym. I was so excited when I heard this. No more running at 8:00 in the morning! (:

Wow I started writing this two days ago and I'm just now posting it. I'm in 5th period for We the People.
I stayed home until 3rd period & slept & then my mom brought me to school....(Thank you mom!)
I got out of gym! of course today would be the day 2 girls in my class got in a fight in the locker room... Actually a day it would have been worth going to gym.

Oh well.

Hannah Thinks...
The musical this year should be good.
Caramel Latte flavored lip gloss is amazing.
It needs to snow soon!
I wanna go shopping.
I miss people :/
Chic fights are funny.
I can't wait to go to a formal dance.
Light pink nail polish is cute.
Some people are ANNOYING.


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