Sunday, December 25, 2011

Go little bad girl ;)

Merry Christmas/Hannukkah/Happy Birthday Jesus/Anything else that may have occcured on this day. My Christmas was pretty good. I got a ton of shoes. My mom didn't really get me the clothes I wanted & everythings to big so I'm going to the mall tommorow to exchange stuff. I love how I tell my mom I want all my stuff from Forever 21 and even send her a wishlist and get absolutely nothing from there. Typical my mom...
     So earlier I was so facebook creeping on people (don't act like you don't ever do it) and decided to look at this guy I'd had a "thing" (more serious than "friends w/ benefits" but not officially dating) with over the summer & saw pictures of him and this girl he was going to their Holiday dance with (he doesn't live here & is a year older than me) and I was so jealous because of I don't even know why... But then I looked at the pictures and realized she's really awkward looking... Like no offense to her or anything but she really is... He majorly downgraded from his last girlfriend who I personally don't even like... Wow... Hehe(:

Hannah Thinks....
It should have snowed today
I <3 shoes
I wanna go shopping
I'm so incredibly bored :/

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