Friday, December 02, 2011

I'm just saying, you could do better.

Dance tonight... Hopefully this one is as fun as the last one which was actually pretty amazing. I actually don't really want to set up today... Oh well. I can't decide whether to wear my hair straight or wavy/crimped... So many decisions.
     Only 23 days until Christmas. Only 14 until Winter Break and when we leave for Indianapolis. They have a Forever 21 at the mall there. We have to go shopping. Hopefully our teacher will actually let us...
     So Me & my friends were thinking about how there are so many more things you can call a girl than guy. And we figured out why: When a guy sleeps with a girl he gets applauded. When a girl sleeps with a guy she gets called a whore. Funny how that works out, right?
     So most disgusting thing ever: Practicing for dance team in the cafeteria. The floor is disgusting. Not to mention we are LAYING on it for the beginning of one dance (Hello Goodmorning).
     I'm in health. What fun. Not. At least our actual teacher is out for the rest of the semester so we have a sub. Who has no idea what shes doing. Gym class is... Interesting.

Hannah Thinks...
Your cute (Well maybe).
This school sucks.
I want to live in Chicago.
 A nutter butter blizzard would be amazing right now.
I <3 Christmas.
I hate the cold.
I'm ready for high school.
My Birthday is in 2 months!
Google+ is starting to get lame too.
Just because you Talk to guys doesn't make you a slut.
There should be more names to call guys.

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