Thursday, December 01, 2011

Say Hello to Goodbye...

I'm in algebra... I hate it.

I started this post 2nd period when I was in algebra... Now I'm home. Today sucked. No specific reason why, it just did.
     We find out who made the musical tomorrow. I'm not really nervous. I've decided I'm just not going to stress over the whole thing.
     Dance tomorrow. We get to set up. Then the best friend's coming over to get ready. I have nooo idea what I'm going to wear.
     Two weeks from tomorrow we will be leaving for Indy for We the People! I'm excited. Hopefully we get to go shopping!.
     I went to watch my little sister cheer at a basketball game today. She did pretty good. I spent most of the game walking my little brother around the school though, which was actually kind of fun.
     So yesterday I was talking to these 2 guys...who both admitted they had liked me for a long time...And both have girlfriends... Awkward...
     I have officially made a promise to myself that I will not date anyone this year. You would have to be my perfect guy to make me break that promise,, so I'm not planning on that happening.
     Well enough of my rambling...

Good Song Lyrics
"My excuse is that I'm Young"--I'm On One
"I might strung out on compliments, overdosed on confidence"--Headlines
"Say hello to goodbye"--Love Drunk
"We're pretty & sick, we're young & we're bored"--We R Who We R
"I love this place, But its haunted, without you"--Little House
"They can say whatever, Ima do whatever, nothing is forever,"-- Hard
"Girls say I'm conceited 'cause I know I'm attractive, Don't care about what I think, Why don't you ask him"--Pretty Girl Rock
"And if you feel that way, Go ahead & kiss your baby"--Best Love Song
"If you ask me how I'm doing, I'll say I'm doing just fine, I'll lie & say that you're not on my mind. But I go out & I sit down, at a table set for two, & finally I'm forced to face the truth, No matter what they say, I'm not over you"--Not Over You
"People Can take everything away from you, but they can never take away your truth. But the question is... Can you handle mine?"--My Perogative
"I'm just saying you could do better, Tell me have you heard that lately"--Marvin's Room
"This is the story of a girl, who cried a river & drowned the whole world"--Absolutely

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