Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I just feel like letting go...

Another old post i forgot to post... This was from the day after Halloween, so its REALLY old...

Well so far today has NOT felt like a good day. I kinda had fun yesterday though, I went trick-or-treating(: I went with about 20 people. I had some friends over and we all got ready together (we were 80's girls). I had my hair all crimped and this cute shirt. We ended up getting so cold though. But this one guy we were with got stuck in his full body suit. Funniest.Thing.Ever. The zipper got stuck and we couldn't get it unstuck...
I kinda had a total meltdown afterwards when I got home though. I think its because this one guy reminded me so much of this other guy and yeah... It was bad.


Annoying Things

  • Girls who come to school dances & stand there acting like they're to cool to do anything
  • Older guys (its kinda a love/hate thing)
  • Writing papers
  • Haters
  • guys who think they are so cool but really aren't. At all.
  • Math.
  • Girls who always post on facebook how they're not pretty so that other people will comment saying how pretty they are. I mean, if you do that you obviously think of yourself as pretty because otherwise you wouldn't post that on fb because nobody would comment saying you were pretty. Ugh :/. If that made any sense at all.


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