Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby I just wanna dance,, I don't really care...

I'm so tired :/ this has officially been the longest week ever. I just finished my Algebra final.
      I'm super excited to leave tomorrow! I'm so ready to have 2 weeks off.
      There's this really creepy guy at my school who is constantly messaging me on facebook just saying "your pretty".... I never reply and yet he just keeps messaging me. Creeper!
We have another tournament. Ugh. I'm going home with my friend & we're getting ready together though(:
      I wanna wand curl my hair<3
      Well, leaving for state tomorrow... Finally...

Dark choclate<3.
No homework.
Being original.
Ice cream.
Winter Break!

Algebra Finals.
Depressing blogs.
Boring people.
Dressing slutty.
French Family Trees.

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