Saturday, December 31, 2011

Drop it like its hot ;)

Ugh. I can be so stupid sometimes.
 So my parents went out of town for 4 days & I stayed with my bestfriend. It was fun. We went to the movies, watched Law & Order, and did random stuff. I was stupid at the movies though. And now I'm in this drama which I'm not going to post on here because I don't want people to know really. But if you go to my school you'll most likely end up hearing about it anyways. That always happens :/
     So I'm officially sick of guys. I was getting more to the point where I wasn't so against relationships & now this one guy went and was a total idiot. If you have a girlfriend, DON'T TALK TO ME. And especially don't tell me you don't have a girlfriend. Especially if your girlfriend goes to my school. Now I'm thinking your the stupid one. He called me & my best friend's older sister went off on him though. Best thing ever(:
     I don't want to go back to school. I've been enjoying actually getting sleep. And not seeing the annoying people at my school. And not going to musical practice. Musical is lame this year...
     I'm just sitting here listening to Drop it like its Hot. Haven't heard that song in forever(:

Hannah Thinks
I hate guys.
When I say don't talk to me I mean DON'T TALK TO ME.
My family's boring.
I need to think about who I kiss a little bit more. :/
I wish I had an older sister to yell at people for me.

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