Friday, August 03, 2012

Don't you want me baby?

So I was thinking about last summer... And how different things were from this summer. At the beginning of last summer I hadn't even kissed a guy yet... And at the beginning of the summer I was talking to 4 guys at the same time. Talk talking. And one had a girlfriend...Then I met this other guy. Well we actually already knew each other but just as friends. Then we ran into each other again and he started texting me and things got interesting. But it was fun. Then this summer... I talked to a bunch of random guys... Met some new really cute ones... Got hit on by guys from my new school... And a bunch of sophmores from the school I'm supposed to go too. And a couple juniors... And a senior... And a freshman. In college. And he was STILL interested after I told him I was 14... Creeeep. But really. And somewhere between this all me and the ginger were still talking.... Then hooked up... Then got back together... Hooked up more.... Broke in a fight....apoligized....started talking again...i hooked up with "john"... Regretted it....hooked up with john again... Didnt regret it so much the second grounded.... Decided all boys should go fall in a hole. And there is my summer. Hahahahahahah wow. I'm really stupid. But I'm still grounded and desperately seeking someone to vent everything too... I'm a good listener too I've been told... But someone (if anyone is even reading this) should email me! We can vent to each other about how stupidly amazing peiple are.... XOXO--hannah

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