Saturday, August 25, 2012

And when the daylight comes I'll have to go, but tonight I'm gonna hold you so close

So last night was totally fun and somewhat awkward. But very interesting at the same time. The ginger never even acknowledged the fact that I was there ( at least I don't think he did)... And he's gotten uglier! Like seriously. He got his hair cut short and was wearing this ugly hat in Central's colors... Not cute. At all. Central lost too. But anyways. I saw John too. I was actually standing right behind him pretty much the whole game. So awkward. My best friend's boyfriend (who I'm also good friends with) was trying to make things super awkward for me too. But he kept like staring at me. My friend was like "will you stop turning around?" and he was like "why?" & she was like "because I don't like you". She's so honest it's funny... But yahno. This one guy that I went to school with in like 6th & 7th grade but goes to some other highschool was there too since he hangs out with "john" & that group of guys... He kept talking to me and mocking me & trying to take my phone & he finally got it out of my pocket and put his number in as "Sexy "Bob"" (Not his real name) hahahahaha so I put mine in his phone as "Beautiful Hannah" and he started texting me last night and was like "why do all the hot girls go to North?" Exactly what I was wondering too... And "John" texted me. I was like "you kept staring at me" & he was like "no I would just look at you when you said something or somebody was talking to you" & I was like "Oh well it was funny" and he was like "Oh okay. Bye." Hahahaha I'm good, right? Boys are idiots though....
My bestfriend's boyfriend is trying to get me with one of his friends. He's just like you guys should date & me & his friend are just standing there awkwardly like "we'ver never even talked to each other?" It was kinda funny.
And then there was the baby powder... It's like a Central ritual to throw it everywhere at the very beginning of the game & after the 1st half. The only thing is, everyone gets completely covered in it. It looks super cool though. Imagine like 100 people all throwing a handful of baby powder up in the air at the same time in the dark under all these lights. I smelled like it and it was all in my hair afterwards though....
So I adore high school. Like seriously though.
Like random guys will just be like there's a party at this guy's house tomorrow, you need to be there. Too bad the guys looked like creeps and I probably would have gotten raped if I would have gone...
I say like alot. I'm going to stop saying it so much. But like... That's going to be really hard. Like what else am I supposed other than like?
Today was so boring. I should have done something interesting... Too bad I'm broke. Laaaame.

Hannah Thinks...
My sister breaks everything she touches. Not even kidding.
My puppy is precious. Until she poops in my room. Stupid puppy.
I made cupcakes for my brother's family birthday party. They're amazing.
I had to clean today :/
I'm good at cleaning though.
Who puts blue carpet in a house?
School uniforms should be against the law. Taking away our individuality...
Like only 3 people texted me today. I'm a loner.
Moving in the Dark--Neon Trees is my new favorite song. So chill sounding.
I could never date a super super tall guy because how am I supposed to kiss him?  Shortie for life...
I'm never going to be able to reach the top of my locker. That's just depressing.
Navy blue nailpolish >>>
Pink perfume >>>
Homework <<<
It's almost fall!!!!!
That awkward moment when you get in a car because you think it's your mom's but it's really not.
I really want to go back to Indy.
I love sunglasses. & shoes. & purses. & jewelry. & clothes. <3
I talk alot. Oh well.
I think I must be a mockable person because guy's always mock me...
Then again, they usually hit on me afterwards so maybe they're just doing crappy flirting.
I attract redheads. This could be scary.
It's probably because I dated a ginger & now they're like "it's a girl that actually dates gingers!"
(Because who actually dates gingers anymore?)
That ginger WAS hot though.
Now he's uglayyy.
That's what you get for always hanging out in the dark...
Eh. At least he had a nice body.
But this new ginger isn't even a ginger! He has red hair and brown eyes...
So he's a redheaded non-ginger.
Yeah. Because that makes sense...
And no, I do not like Mexican guys, despite what you may have heard.
& he's not even Mexican anyways, get it right.
I hate it when guy's dress super hot but they aren't cute. So depressing....
Mixed football players >>>>
#4's >>>
Chocoalate >>>
Crickets <<<
I will never ever ever eat ham again after today.
I went un-vegetarian.
So I had tacos  <3

~No Regrets~

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