Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wondering what's on your mind, it must be hard to be that fine

Well. My day...
I got a callback for the part of Emily. She's the main girl lead... But so did my bestfriend & her sister. So we're all going to be going for that part. I honestly think that if one of us even gets us we will be happy. And there are some really good upperclassmen too, so who knows if one us will even get it. But we're pretty much definately in the play which is good.
I tried out for show choir today. That went pretty well. The dance we learned was so different from my typical dance team type of thing though. It was very... Show choiry I guess hahah. But they didn't use counts for anything, they did it all with words which was super weird. I'm a major counter when it comes to dancing.
I feel like tomorrow should be Thursday not Wednesday. Weird.
But I got creeped on at lunch today. By one of my former creepers & this other creepy guy. This guy followed me & my bestfriend around at the mall last summer... Creepy right? It took him & his friends like 20 minutes of following us before they would actually talk to us. So creepy.
Do you ever have those people that just give you the creeps? Like those guys that are awkward & like you but their just really awkward people... Sometimes those guys creep me out... Not trying to be rude or anything... Idk. I'm weird.

I am in LOVE with the song Be Alright by Justin Bieber. It's my happy song. It's just so sweet sounding. That's what I want. I want a guy that when I'm having a bad day I can call him & he'll say exactly what the lyrics to the song are. Or better yet, sing them. I think thats asking for a bit much, but I mean, a girl can dream. You should really go look it up. even if you aren't a Bieber fan. It really is just a good song. I wasn't much of a fan of his until his last album. But it's just amazing. He sounds older and even sounds alot like Chris Brown at some parts. Believe. <3

Algebra 2 is impossible. It's only my second homework assignment in the class and I just could not figure out like 5 of the problems... I hate math.

I realized I have a special talent though. The ability to act incredibly stupid although I'm actually very smart. I just don't think before I do things. And don't pay enough attention some times. But I'm pretty sure the stupidest smart girl you will ever meet. Just saying.

I went to this inflatable place for my brother's birthday today.... Awkward.
My dad is getting surgery on his broken collar bone tomorrow & my parents are leaving at 4:30 in the morning. So it's just going to be me and my sister tomorrow morning. I hope she's ready for some blaring Drake music at 5 am while we're getting ready. Hehehe. But seriously. It's just depressing to listen to music quietly. I mean really. Who does that? I'm a blare the music so loud you can feel it type of person...
I'm eating popcorn. I've been craving it all day. So freaking good.
But guess what? I'm ungrounded!!!!! And hopefully spending the night at my bestfriend's house Friday (:

Whoop whoop!

~No Regrets~

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