Monday, August 27, 2012

You're gonna love me like you ain't loved nobody before

I'm super super hungry! At least I have lunch next period... But yeah. Today's been really boring so far. I'm so happy I'm ungrounded. And it's almost fall!!!! Hello football games, the Fall Festival, Halloween, haunted houses, cute clothes, & the best weather ever. I honestly can't say what was my favorite part of last year though. Some days I'll say I liked the beginning of the school year, sometimes I'll say the school year after Christmas Break, & sometimes I'll say this summer. They were all pretty great in some way.
Adam Levine has the most amazing voice ever. I'm in love with the song Daylight by Maroon 5. All of their songs are amazing though... I have way to many favorite songs. I could never pick just one.

Hannah Thinks...
Adam Levine...Marry me?
I need to re-paint my nails.
I'm going to have a pretty huskie when I get older.
There is nothing to do here :/
Like seriously.
My purse is super heavy today for some reason.
My mom won't buy me any new shoes because she says I have to many.
Too bad she has so many they won't even fit in her own closet.
Seriously. They're in hers, my sisters, and my brothers.
Who does that?
I want to go tping!
I've never actually been tped...
Which is kinda shocking.
Some sophmore guys went skinny-dipping in our pool though like a month ago.
Funny thing is, it's like 3 feet deep?
Do you ever have those guys that just look like they want to rape you?
I hate that...
Is there a North football game this Friday? hmm.
Songs explain my life. So much.
I want to do something crazyyy.
We have like a bazillion cupcakes left over from my brother's birthday.
Ice cream sounds super good right now.
We got like this chocolate kind with oreos in it...
So yummy.
I'm trying to eat healthy though.
I suck at this.
That awkward moment when someone draws something bad on your hand.
And you don't realize its bad so you leave it.
I'm so short.
It's kinda cute though.
But rather depressing.
Especially when I realize I'll never be able to reach the top shelf of our kitchen cabinets. Ever.
You know what else is depressing?
The fact that my sister ate all the left over taco meat.
So I couldn't have a taco salad for lunch today :(
But on the bright side...
I am really good at picking out outfits really fast.
But since I can only dress myself once, I dress my sister too.
Like I got to wear something cute to the football game & I picked out her outfit too.
Genius right?
But yeah.

~No Regrets~

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