Saturday, August 18, 2012

She want a man don't need a man

I am super bored so I decided to post some pictures... Some are totally random & some tie in with things I've been posting about. Anyways, this is my baby Bella <3

Love these girls
 This was in like March... Thompkins girls.
 My best friend's photography
 On the Zipper at the fair
 Last day at Thompkins
 My tall friend.
 The Ginger.
 Holiday World class trip
 My lover. & my long hair </3
 My best friend!
 My love & my brother <3
 Circle time.
 The sweatshirt burning.
 oh yes.
 Burn baby burn.
 The results.
 Girls reunion.
 <3 themm
Fair to see Hunter Hayes <3

~No Regrets~

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