Monday, August 06, 2012

Boy you can say anything you wanna, I don't give a shh no one else can have ya

I hate it here. So incredibly freaking much. I hate this town. I wish I lived somewhere big. I swear I was meant to live in a big city. I love being busy, love going out, the noise and loudness. Loud music, cute boys, tall buildings... It sounds so perfect. I would go to so many concerts and see al these broadway plays and everything... My dad thinks I'm rebelling. Maybe I am. I went vegetarian. I started doing dramatic eyeliner and wavy hair everyday (thats mainly for my indie style thing I want, but he doesn't like the eyeliner), dressing somewhat crazy and "trampy" (Its called being a 14 year old girl...) and I don't talk around him. Mainly because we don't agree on anything and why does he deserve to hear what I say? Its the small things they do to try to control me that really bugs me. Like how my mom says I can't drink coffee because it has to much caffeine? I don't even especially like coffee but now I'm going to drink it just because they said I shouldn't. And I'm not supposed to listen to explicit music? Screw that. I've heard it all already. And the way I dress. I'm going to dress the way I want too. And my makeup. They've finally given up on bugging me about that. They'd probably flip if they found out I had a blog. Oh well. I like writing. Alot. I doubt they even know that though. They say they feel like they don't know me anymore. Well maybe if you cared to ask how things are going? Like when I was dating the ginger neither of my parents ever asked how we were doing or anything. I can't wait to go off to college. I want to go far far away. And never look back. I guess I'll miss my mom kinda... But I'm pretty sure my dad will just be happy I'm gone. I feel like screaming my head off right now but I won't because of my whole silence not talking thing. But yeah. This post sucks and makes no sense and I'm kinda ashamed of my sucky writing skills here but I'm going to post it anyways since I took the time to write all this out. XOXO--hannah

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