Friday, August 17, 2012

I used to think we were forever & I used to say never say never

So school started. I am grounded for 2 more days. Which is kinda depressing because North's first ever home game is tonight. It's their first home game in their own stadium & I don't get to go :( Oh well. At least I have my phone back. I got it back last weekend. And I'm officially ungrounded Monday! Yay! Bu high school is amazing. I'm so happy I switched to North. It's nice kinda getting a new start. And not having to see the ginger & John everyday... Block scheduling is kinda weird... But I have friends in all of my classes and lunch. I'm taking Biology and French II & Algebra II (I suck at math)... And I have P.E. But my bestfriend's older sister is a sophmore and will be able to drive before the end of the year. He mom already takes us to school & mine picks up but now I'll have her as a ride <3 football="football" hannah="hannah" players="players" thinks.="thinks." varsity="varsity">>> Gingers <<< Gym <<< Pictures >>> We are Never Ever Getting Back Together--Taylor Swift >>> Being able to drive >>> No Lie--2 Chainz & Drake >>> Green Day >>> The Cab >>> Sunglasses >>> Shoes >>> Fall >>> My hair <<< Being ungrounded >>> Peanut Butter >>> High School > Middle School Freshman guys at North <<< Sophmore guys at North >>> North > Central My blog >>> Twitter >>> (still deactivated... I'm having withdrawls.) My best guy friends >>> Flirting buddies >>> Gum >>> Algebra <<< Being single >>> Controlling boyfriends <<< Memories <<<>>> No regrets. Living louder tonight & dreaming longer tonight. (or not since I'm still grounded but you get what I mean.) XOXO--Hannah

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