Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Your the best, you deserve a crown b*tch.

So today was interesting. I think the guys at North got hotter this week... Seriously. Yumm. Like there is this really cute guy I met in show choir... He's a senior though.. & this cute guy whose either a sophmore or junior was talking to me in French today. Helllooo.

But anyways. If I could thank the ginger for anything, it would be for getting me to realize you can never believe the crap guys will say to you. So this would be me & "john's" conversation last night. I honestly found this conversation very funny. But yeah.

him: you awake?
me: yeah
him: you want to talk?
me: about?
him: anything
me: um okay
him: I miss youu
me: ..
him: what?
me: nothing
him: is that bad?
me: is it?
him: I don't think so other than you act like you hate me hahah
me: Well you did hook up with alooot of girls this summer
him: honestly yeah...But they all knew it was gonna be a one night thing? It's not like I told any one of them I liked them. The only one I told I actually liked and wanted something more with was you
me: I don't think I could ever really look at you as more than a guy to hook up with a couple of times.
him: to hook up with or that you did hook up with?
me: that I did hook up with
him: And why is that?
me: idk, because you're you.
him: Good reason.
me: I know.
him: I was being sarcastic but ya...
me: Well I'm going to sleep. Night.
him: okay..

Hahahahahah yeah right. He's such an idiot. Because I'm totally going to fall for the whole "You're the only one I ever really liked, they were all for just one night " thing. I did date the ginger and some other douchey players before, remember?
What I don't get is what does he still want from me though? I'm not going to lie, I have kinda been a total bitch to him the past couple weeks and it's not like there aren't other girls that would hook up with him? Boys confuse me...

I need to do some major shopping soon. I'm in desperate need of another purse & some cute boots & a denim &/or leather jacket and floral jeans and mascara & Sephora eyeliner and Toms and Pink perfume and a cute sweater and some ripped jeans from Pacsun and some gray converse and Yoga capris from Pink and bright pink lip stain and glittery gold eyeliner and feather earrings and cute earbuds... Too bad all of that would cost like at least $200 at the cheapest and I have like $10. How sad. I need a job. Badly.

So guess how this super hot sophmore guy I know got kicked out of his old school? ( he goes to North now, but I'd talked to him before)... He had sex with his girlfriend in the SCHOOL NURSES OFFICE. And no, I'm not lying. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH,Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Who even does that? He's super sexy too.... Why are the hot ones always nasty or gay or players or douches or manwhores or liars or stupid or fags or a mixture of those? How sad.

Hannah Thinks...
Umm. I actually have no idea what I'm thinking so I'm just going to end this post now...

Toodles. <3
Eww. I sound like I'm in 7th grade again. Those were my darkest days, I swear... Oh well, I was cute. (And knew it too, which just made me even more annoying.)

~No Regrets~

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