Friday, August 03, 2012

Make it nasty

My friday night sucks. But I'm grounded so that ezplains it... And if someone would email me... You would seriously be the most amazing person ever. Not even kidding. Pleaseee. You know you want too. --> do it. Now. Thanks darlings (: you can even tell me your whole life story. I won't judge people are annoying anyways. I wish I had my phone back... I need to talk to people. Do I seem like I'm 14? I hate being so young. If I could change anything in my life I would make myself older. 17 at least. I could drive... I'd be legal in less than a year. Almost done with highschool... Sounds perfect. My age is constantly screwing me over. And people always assume I'm older than I am.... Then when they find out I'm 14 (and a half) they aren't interested in me. I hate it. And I'm not going to be that girl that's 14 and dting a 19 year old... Not like that would work out with my parents anyways... *sigh* XOXO--hannah

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