Friday, August 03, 2012

I'm just saying its fine by me if you never leave & we could stay like this forever its fine by me

So my bestfriend just left . I had missed her so much. I vented like the whole story that happened to her. I had to tell somebody the whole story because no one actually knows... And we made the best fudge ever. Seriously. Best thing you will ever eat. And watched Saw 3. Life scarring. Like I can watch stuff like that and it won't bother me. What gets to me is the sound and smell of things. Especially the smell. So I'm usually okay with movies. But just certain smells gag me for some reason. Its the most random smells too. My mom got poison ivy. Om her face. So looks like we're not going anywhere today. I'll jus read I guess. But its almost fall, m favorite season. I mean, amazng weather, foorball games, the fall festival, and halloween. I adore fall. Its just so perfect. I'm kinda ready for school to start though. I've been so bored. I hate it. It's mainly because I'm grounded though... *sigh* i'll vent later since I have no idea what to talk about now. XOXO--hannah

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