Monday, August 20, 2012

been a long time I been missing your body, now lemme lemme turn the lights down, when when it goes down it's a private party

So I was just re-reading old posts... Very interesting. There was one about me apparently seeming like I was "against having boyfriends" ( totally not true by the way, most guys are just manwhores or players or cocky gingers nowadays though) & I said it was because I get bored too easily.... And I was thinking about that & realized that's what I really liked about the Ginger. He definitely wasn't the best boyfriend ever, but he also wasn't even close to being the worst. He was always really sweet with me and would do some of the cutest things for me. And I never got bored with him. And I get bored with like all guys at some point. I mean, he was kinda annoying sometimes.... But isn't everybody.
Anyways. I tried out for my school's fall production of the play Our Town today. They went pretty well. We're supposed to find out about callbacks tomorrow morning so I guess we'll see how that goes. This is my first high school play so this should be interesting. It's different because, yeah I think I did well, but compared to other people & the upperclassmen's abilities, how good was I really?  We didn't get to watch each other audition so that was kinda weird... but yeah.
And this super hot guy I talked to like a year ago goes to North now... He's friends with this guy thats friends with this guy that I had a major thing with last summer.... & yeah. He's gorgeous. He's a sophmore though... & apparently got expelled from his last school... From what I've heard & talking to him I can see that. Dang it. It's always the hot ones...
But this Friday there's a football game at North. & one at Central. My bestfriend (I actually have 2 hahah) wants me to go to the Central one with her & my other bestfriend wants me to go to the North one with her.... Decisions, decisions. & then this guy wants me to go to the mall with him Saturday too....
But I have officially decided that my vote has changed from basketball players being hotter to football players being hotter. Definitely. Then again... By the time it's basketball season I'll probably have changed my mind again. But the varsity football players? Oh my,, <3
And guess what I heard yesterday? So I found out about another girl "John" has hooked up with JUST this summer. The list is now...
Me (& my stupidity at the moment(s) involving him)
My crazy friend who shares my stupidity & ability to get caught up in a moment.
A pretty Sophmore from North.
The girl whose identity as of right now is unavailable to the public for private reasons.
And last but not least, the good girl gone badly redheaded freshman cheerleader at Central.
(that last one was pretty clever, was it not?) hehehe.
But like. HE'S NOT EVEN THAT CUTE. I don't get it. He's pretty popular though I guess.... But still. Man skank coming throughhh over hur. I'm going all ghetto on you now.... Hot right?

Can anyone say man whore?
& the funny thing is he still tries to talk to me. He's best friends with my bestfriend's older brother & was over at her house yesterday with him & I told her to hide since it seems that getting attractive Freshman girls grounded is his hobby.
What I can't believe is the fact that I got with him twice. Not just once. I did it again... Stupid, stupid girl... Like okay. Do it once. Regret it. Get on with life. Never works out that way with me... Maybe my parents are right...I was getting kinda crazy this summer.... But it was also the funnest summer I've ever had. So whatever. Now I just can't wait until next summer!

I'm giving my sister a spelling test... How lame. Buttttt. I'M UNGROUNDED. Yay for me <3
I'm in such a good mood right now. All you guys probably think I'm weird though. I find myself rather entertaining if you ask me.

Okay I'm just gonna go before I say something stupid(er than I already have).
Love you guyss!

~No Regrets~

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