Friday, August 24, 2012

Hands up if your down to get down tonight, it's always a good time

My first Friday ungrounded in like a month!!!! And Central football game tonight! I'm super excited. I'm not wearing Gold & Brown (Central's colors) or Green (North's colors) tonight though. I'm going neutral. But anyways. Soccer players are offically the hottest guys ever. No joke. I'm pretty sure me & my friends spent a good half of our lunch period ogling the junior soccer players at the table next to us. Yum. They're tall & skinny with abs. My favorite. But helllooo.
I'm pretty sure redheads are just attracted to me. Not even joking.
I haven't taken a picture of myself in foreverrrr so I decided to tonight... They were okay.. I suck at taking pictures of myself.

 Pre-game <33 (My shirt was doing some awkward dippy thingey in the front, I know)
I didn't especially like this picture when I first took it ( I don't even know what face I was trying to make...) but my eyes look really pretty so I kinda do now I guess hahah

~No Regrets~

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