Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Take me away, a secret place, a sweet escape, take me away

I had this dream last night. Aren't your dreams supposed to mean something? Be like a subconsious way of telling you something? This dream wasweird. All of my dreams are. But this one was really weird. In the dream I was at my grandparents house. They live in the middle of no where with like trees and cornfields surrounding them. And they have like a ton of land. Its actually really peaceful. But anyways. There was this guy there. And in my dream I knew him. But in real life I have no idea who he was? But I have to know him, don't I? I read somewhere that if someone is in your dreams, you have to know them, your mind can't just create a new person and put them in your dream. So thats the really weird part. Like he was john. But he wasn't actually John. I just had the same history with him that I had with John. But I don't know who the guy in my dream was. It's driving me crazy. We were like sneaking off and kissing and stuff but everone was trying to keep us apart. But we couldn't keep our hands off of each other. I can't believe i still can't figure out who the guy was. He was cute... But not stunning or anything. And he was so familiar. Thats all I can really remember though. Maybe I don't want to remember who the guy in my dream was. Maybe it's a sign. It was so weird. I'm kinda hoping I dream about him again so I can figure out who he is... We had a connection. At least in my dream... But who know. I'm probably just being weird. XOXO--hannah

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