Thursday, August 23, 2012

I've wasted my nights, you turned out the lights, now I'm paralyzed still stuck in that time when we called it love but even the sun sets in paradise

So I'm in homeroon right now... Lunch next!
So I didn't make the play... I did okay at my auditions yesterday, but not my best for sure. I  don't really think I was really right for any of the character's though. There was one young girl & then pretty much everyone else was an adult. Oh well. There will be other plays & not getting cast is just kinda part of the process anyways. But I did make showchoir so that's good. There are some major drama/choir upperclassmen snobs though. Like those people that are really good, but know they are really good and pretty much expect to get any part they try out for. And even though they're good, they're so snobby about it you want anyone but them to get the part. I hate that.
So I'm hopefully going to the Central game with my bestfriend then sleeping over at her house tomorrrow <3
My bestfriend's are like my conscience's. One is like the good girl who's like "no don't do it, think about the consequences & you could get in trouble" & then the other one is alot like me and is like "Do it, why not, it will be fun"... So confusing. But I'm probably sleeping over at the crazy one's house this weekend. That should be....interesting... It always is.
I had a dream last night that I got in huge trouble & got grounded again. So I woke up this morning and was like ugh I'm grounded. Then I realized it was just a dream. Best feeling ever.
So I like can't decide if I love or hate the song Payphone...
Adam Levine's voice though... <3333
I'm really hungry.
I went un-vegetarian though... It was boring. So then I went home & ate sausage & olive pizza. AMAZING.
I love the song Drank in My Cup... It's like chill sounding but it's not at the same time.
I can't wait until I  can drive. I'm going to be driving around with my cute sunglasses on & all the windows down & the music blaring. I'm so excited for that. And being able to go anywhere I want whenever I want. I'm super happy I'm turning 18 my senior year, so that summer I can to another country or something with my friends & my parents won't be able to tell me I can't. I think they would actually let me go anyways though. I'm going to ask for them to help pay for a trip to Italy with my bestfriend & her family after my senior year as my graduation trip thingey. Me, her, & her sisters would have the most fun ever. We're all within 3 grades of each other so it's always interesting when we're together.

So if I do go to the Central game though... The Ginger is most likely going to be there. And "John" probably will be too since that whole crowd always goes... & I'm pretty sure everyone thinks I'm a slut? Thanks to guys being idiots and making up stupid stuff that makes them look good & us look bad. I hate it.
But once again. How come when a guy does something he gets applauded for it by other guys, but when a girl does something (even if she didn't do it & people are just saying she did!) she gets called a slut by other girls?
Society today sucks.
So I've decided I want to work for a magazine. Being a lawyer seems really uptight. And I am not like that at all. I don't think I would be serious enough for it. I do always have a pretty strong opinion on things & like being right though.
But working for like a fashion magazine would be so fun. Like writing articles or a blog or editing for it. And that seems like my kind of scene. And you still get to put in your opinion. And they are usually in big cities too.
The song Pound the Alarm makes me want to dance hahah.
There are so many good songs. I wish I could just listen to music all the time. Like seriously. Music is so much more enjoyable than people.
I want to go shopping really bad... Too bad I have no money. At all. I need to get money for tomorrow too....
I don't know what I would do if I didn't have an actual bestfriend. Like that would be sad. I have to have someone to tell everything too. I actually really have 4 bestfriends. My 2 girl bestfriend's, and then  these 2 guys. One is dating my crazy bestfriend & I tell him like everything. & he gives good advice. From the start he always told me he didn't think that the Ginger or John were a good idea. Too bad I like never listen to anyone's advice. Sigh. & the other one is this guy that lives in my neighborhood. Sweetest guy ever. My siblings & parents love him... I think he would seriously do anything I asked him too just because I wanted him to do it. So cute. But yeah. I feel bad for people without bestfriends... How depressing.

Hannah Thinks...
I wish my hair was naturally wavy. Really bad.
Music is my bestfriend too.
The album Believe by JB <3
I miss dance.
My little brother is 5 now!
I like the group of girls I hang out with at North.
Middle school drama is the stupidest thing ever.
I'm a night person.
I can never go to sleep at night & never get up in the morning. Sucks.
Chris Brown & Justin Bieber kinda sound alike sometimes. Weird...
I burned my arm on a hot tray from the oven. It looks nasty.
I haven't had Starbucks in forever!

Still Got It-- Tyga & Drake. <3333
Two hot voices in one song? Oh yes.
Bye darlings, have an amazingly lovely day. <3

~No Regrets~

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