Sunday, August 19, 2012

Welcome to my house party party party

Goodmorning my darlings. (Even though it is already 12:15).
I hit my puppy with a door :( Now she's limping. I feel so bad.
Anyways. So I was talking to my bestfriend last night... & apparently there's stuff going around her school (the school I was supposed to go to) about stuff we did. With her bf (well ex actually) & the ginger this summer. And it's not true. Well at least the part about me isn't. But still. Why can't the guys just let it go? That's so immature & low. They are the ones that broke up with us (they're best friends too)? And we know it had to be them that told people because no one else knew what actually happened. I think her ex is mad because she got over him & found a good guy. A really good guy. Like seriously, he's probably one of the best guys I've ever met. And then the Ginger has the whole "John" thing to be mad about. Even though he really has no reason to be mad, he had broken up with me & we had decided to be friends. Well actually I'm just assuming he's mad because he won't talk to me. Like I ran into him & the said ex from above ex at Target last week and he just stared at me while her ex was like "Hey Hannah". Most awkward thing ever. But back to the real issue, I can't believe they would tell people that. Especially since I DID NOT do what people are saying I did. So annoyying.  For being guys they like starting drama. They're like major man-attention-seeking-whores. True story.
So they can go fall in a hole. Because I really don't even care anymore. I am honestly completely done with the ginger. But I don't regret anything I did with him. I'll be able to look back at my Freshman summer & be like "Oh I remember when I did that, it was crazy" & really everything was fun. At least I had a summer I'll remember & some good memories that came from it. And there's always my new motto "No regrets". These are the words I'm going to live by. It makes everything more interesting. & honestly, it is true that you should never regret anything, because it really was exactly what you wanted at some point in time.
So there ya go.
And I just remembered today is my last day of officially being grounded! Yay! I'm already making plans with people for next weekend. I need to get out of the house!
And my little brother is turning 5 on Wednesday. I <3 that kid.
This is Alex in like September last year. (& my lovely bestfriend's photography). But isn't he precious? <333

~No Regrets~

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