Friday, January 06, 2012

And she will be loved...

In enrichment. Just had to do a spelling bee. I got out on purpose on the word micromanage. I'm actually really good at spelling. But oh well. Who wants to be in a spelling bee?
     I'm reallyyyy hungry. & Sick. I keep sneezing. At least its not as bad as yesterday...
I have to go to choir next. We're learning our ISSMA songs. There is one that is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to learn it.
     There's this guy at our school and he's pretty much obsessed with every attractive girl & he drives me crazy. There are way to many annoying, lying, jerkish, players out there. & Guys wonder why I won't date them....
And I am officially staying away from guys with girlfriends. I'm not even kidding. Have a girlfriend, don't even try. blah.

Little kids officially scare me...
Tommorow's group picture day. We get to wear our new sequinsy dance uniforms to school.

Hannah Thinks
School sucks.
I don't feel like writing.


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