Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I might be too strung out on compliments; overdosed on confidence

So I realized that for me hating guys right now I've been flirting alot... so I've officially decided that I don't hate guys anymore. They are just annoying sometimes & some are not even worth talking too. At all.

I took this picture today & I love love love it(:

We finally finished learning the rest of exhibition. I'm actually kinda hoping it will rain tonight. A nice rainy, texting, watching Keeping Up w/ the Kardashians, texting some more, & doing my nails kinda night would be lovely right now.
Talking to this guy on the phone... He's so stupid.
& Austin Mahone is going to marry me. So back.off

Hannah Thinks...
I'll be 14 in less than a month. Then only 4 years until I can do whatever I want. & get out of here...<3
Mini cupcakes are the best.
Swamp green is not my color.
Guys at my school are NOT cute anymore.
I can't wait until exhibition.
Reality tv is so staged sometimes.

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