Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I keep turning them down but they always come around, asking me to go around, thats not the way its going down.

Quotes of the Day:

If 2 past lovers can remain friends, its either they are still in love, or never were.

The bad guys lie to get in your bed, the good guys lie to get in your heart

Things of interest for today...
-Boys. Aren't they always.
-Women. (in the wise words of Brandon).
-Sluts. I have a theory...
-School :/
-Basketball players. I'm gunna marry one <3 (They're tall.)
-Fantasy basketball. I just don't get it...
-Baby Hippos
-Leonardo Decaprio
-How were all turning lesbian
-hannah is beautiful.
-Turtles with flamethrowers are sexy!
-Emma, the most stupidly pretty blonde in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well with boys. They annoy me. But I <3 them. Girls are so dramatic all the time... :/ The girls that just date guys but don't do anything with them tend to get called whores alot. I think its because they're pretty and/or nice & thats why guys date them, not because they're a slut & other girls are just jealous. School is lame. Then again, when isn't it? I'm gunna marry a basketball player. An attractive one. All these guys I know are playing Fantasy Basketball & I just do not even get the concept of it at all. Baby hippos are cute... But would it be hippopotamuses or hippopti? So many questions... Leonardo Decaprio is pretty sexy. & in Shutter Island, the best movie ever. Well I'm not turning lesbian. But I have a girlfriend. She's pretty(: Hannah is beautiful. That's all that needs to be said. Turtles with flamethrowers... Not so much sexy more like scary? And I <3 Emma & she's actually very smart. But blonde.

The last part of my list was made up by guys so thats why it gets kinda weird... Oh well.

I'm barely wearing any make up today & apparently look really innocent. Innocent is so not my style...
There's this video on youtube called Princess Ke$ha. You should look it up...
I can't wait until this weekend.

Since I already did a list I guess I'm done.

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