Monday, January 09, 2012

Your like a candystore & I'm a toddler, got me wanting more & more,, more,, more

Well this weekend was ok. I went to the best friend’s house & we made really good fudge with way to many marshmallows...

But that night my best friend was all like you really need to text that guy, talking about the one that went to the dance with the awkward girl & that I was talking about wanting to talk to earlier. And I wouldn't.

I thought the reason that I wouldn't was because I didn't want to get involved with him again. But the real reason is what if I do try talking to him & he's not interested at all? Yeah, he's not dating anybody but that really doesn't mean anything, maybe they just haven't put a label on it yet... So honestly I wouldn't mind getting involved with him again. Ugh. The reason that we stopped talking was because I got grounded for 2 weeks after the Fall Festival & had no way to talk to him so he pretty much thought I was ignoring him. Which my mom thinks was a good thing :/

But I found a picture of us from 2 summers ago when we first met & I'm like aww :(

I found the BEST old pictures. They are so going on facebook...

My little sister who's in 5th grade has seen Breaking Dawn & I still haven't. Lameness...

But I spent FOREVER organizing my room yesterday. My room was already pretty organized. Or at least I thought. Now its empty...

Now I just need to convince my parents to let me go to boarding school & everything would be perfect.


Hannah Thinks
6th grade guys annoy me.
I really really want a peppermint mocha from Starbucks right about now.
Boarding school would be amazing.
I want to go to a formal dance.
Purple is the best color.
I actually look pretty good today.

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