Friday, January 27, 2012

Big cities & bright lights ; Sleep all day, long nights

Its Friday! My grandparents are taking me out to dinner & shopping tonight for my birthday. I have to go to musical until 5 first though... Ugh.
I'm in Algebra. As always. We had this test & I didn't get anything... Shocker. & I have a Science test next period :/
I'm so happy its Friday. This year seems to have flown by so far. It's kinda crazy.
I love the song Upgrade U by Beyonce<3 Its great.
So I was thinking about how alot of people don't like me until they meet me... I've been told I'm "intimidating" to people younger than me. I'm like 5 ft. Not so scary. Apparently its the way I carry myself....
Taco Bell sounds really good right now. So does a blizzard...
There are so many players. Guys make me so mad sometimes. & then they're like why are you mad at me? I'm like you know why now go away.

Glad You Came by The Wanted is a good song too<3

Hannah Thinks...
Schools been stupid this week.
I'm pretty sure I failed my Algebra test
Drake & Rihanna are amazing. Therefore, Take Care by Drake & Rihanna is the best song ever.
I like Facebook again.
Black guys are sexy<3
I draw really cute dogs (taught by Emily) (:

My adorable puppy <3

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