Thursday, January 05, 2012

Cause when the heart breaks no it don't break even...

Watching Mama Mia. I Love this movie. It would be the funnest musical ever to do! That is now on my list of things to do. Be in the musical Mama Mia(:
We worked on exhibition for our dance team today. Its going pretty well. Tommorow we're learning the part to the song thats like "whatcha want boy? I wanna hot girl"... Best part of the whole thing<3

I just heard the song Breakeven by The Script earlier today & realized what a good song it is. I hadn't heard it in forever.... Its officially my new favorite song.
     So guys are annoying the crap put of me. I pretty much can't stand any of them. At all.  Then again most people are being really annoying. But really. When I say leave me alone I'm not just saying it because I can. I mean I don't feel like talking & GO AWAY.
I was talking to this girl I've known forever but never really talked to yesterday on gmail. We kinda feel the same way about alot of things. 
     I so don't want to be here right now. I want to be at home, asleep. I can't wait until this weekend.

Hannah Thinks
I don't like you.
There are few people I actually enjoy being with for more than half an hour.
I would die without music.
I don't trust anyone anymore... & people wonder why.

You can kinda tell that this post was written on 2 different days because my mood totally changed from one paragraph to the next...
Well. Bye.

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